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Not all accountants are the same!

Why can’t offices be entirely paperless?

It’s nearly half a century since the phrase ‘paperless office’ was first coined, yet as the demand for paper grows with every year that passes, one might be forgiven for thinking that this is still a distant dream. But was the idea ever feasible? Can offices ever be entirely electronic? One significant reason they cannot,[…] Read more »

Can social media be an effective customer service channel for SMEs?

When it comes to handling customer complaints, social media can now play an important role for businesses of any size. Interacting directly with an unhappy customer via Twitter or Facebook almost always creates a good impression of your business – it helps to re-establish trust which may have been lost and makes the individual who[…] Read more »

4 ways your brand goes beyond the logo design

Your company’s brand is about so much more than the logo your customers see on packaging or the letterhead. The aesthetics that are used to convey the message may be attractive, but that’s not the same as being an effective brand. Brand concerns itself with something deeper, something that goes way beyond aesthetics. What does[…] Read more »

Is the traditional top-down management structure dead?

The chain of command in a business often develops over time to suit operational and strategic needs, but also tends to reflect how society at the time views the relationships between the management and non-managerial staff. It’s clear from recent history that many companies have been working to take advantage of the skillsets of all[…] Read more »

Sunday Times – UK Top 200 Accountants Achievement

For businesses of all sizes, the advice they receive in specialist areas such as law and finance can impact significantly and directly on performance. An issue facing those who source such advice is knowing where to turn, who to talk to and ultimately, who to engage and commit to a working relationship with. An ill-informed[…] Read more »

4 Creative Technology Firm Job Titles for 2016

Technology firms love to create oddball job titles for their staff, to make the job advert stand out, and to help staff feel distinct from the enterprise herd or just more valuable. So, tech workers who call themselves “rockstars” or “evangelists” on their business card are just like the rest of us, but some have[…] Read more »

Economic Collapse: How Small Businesses Suffer Alongside Large Ones

As the steel industry crisis hits Britain, people who oversee the British economy may be faced with the potential consequences which follow on from the collapse of a large industry. While the failure of a large industry has definite and far reaching effects for itself and the people immediately involved in it, people will lose[…] Read more »

Should Businesses Concern Themselves with the Quality of Those Leaving Education?

Received wisdom tells us that standards are dropping among people coming out of education. More and more people go to university, and a degree is no guarantee of exceptional skill as it might once have been. This can be a worry when looking for new employees as it’s no longer enough to look for a[…] Read more »

5 Skills a Director Learns after Years in Business

Company directors have usually worked their way to a position of seniority through commitment, business acumen and their ability to grow and develop a business. However, there are a few skills that really fall outside the realm of textbook instruction and can be (and often must be) learned and mastered on the job. Here are[…] Read more »

Employment Allowance Changes

From April 2016 the Employment Allowance rises from £2,000 to £3,000. The Employment Allowance gives businesses a reduction in the employer National Insurance that they pay. As this increase in Employment Allowance is focused on businesses and charities that support employment, companies where the director is the sole employee will no longer be able to[…] Read more »


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